Coming over the bridge crossing the Appomattox River out of Farmville you enter a very historic Cumberland County.          This is home for over 10000 people,  dynamic small business, stretching from just outside of Farmville into Cumberland Courthouse almost 20 miles away.              WXJK a Twenty Four hours a day FM Station  has  become a stalwart for Rock Music and  Inspirational Messages and is bringing the new Street Guides in Farmville Cumberland and other Southside locations. The Country had one of the last battles fought  in nearby High Bridge as we came back together after a long bloody Civil War.  The main school system is here with the Dukes in control in Football Basketball and Basket Ball.  Cumberland Courthouse is the main center for the County and government offices and operations.  There are a variety of historical areas and some like this old church built in 1840 are still in operation               The government has done a good job of utilizing the older structures and there is a vibrant campaign to restore this building as a historical museum for Cumberland . You can find out more below .   The first call for Independence  of a new Nation originated here as well . A  wonderful monument in front of the  offices honors the fallen in the Civil War also in front a permanent wreath  honors all that gave the ultimate sacrifice wars past and present           Cumberland  has a good selection some neat niche antique and specialty offering as well  standard retail and services businesses     Of course a visit to Cumberland is not complete without a meal from Cumberland Restaurant. There are several places offering Home cooking Italian ,Homemade Ice Cream ,and Outdoor Buildings of all types in addition to a variety of recreational offerings and natural beauty , You are the key component were missing so please come through for a visit or stay longer soon and use this webpage to find out more Thanks for coming by and see you soon !








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